Feedback on Something So Strong:

Feedback on Something So Strong:   


[For some reason since Christmas IÕve had a lot of feedback from people who bought ŌSomething So StrongÕ in recent months. Thanks for all the emails and the cards. Here are some of the letters – CB]


GÕday Chris


I purchased the book at Mangere airport last June. I live in Dallas, however, I am a Kiwi. I read the book, basically non-stop from Auckland to LA. I was really impressed with the whole book and actually I was amazed to find out that Tim is basically my age (46), and that I most likely played Rugby against him when he went to Sacred Heart. I was at Selwyn College (just down the road).

Any way I had the chance to catch Neil Finn on his last tour with TWT and also was able to say hi after the show in Dallas. The shame of it all is that I had numerous chances to see Split Enz in NZ including the Ngarawhea (excuse the spelling) Festival with Black Sabbath and Crowded house when they toured for Wood Face I believe and chose not to go. Good job on the book and I have since purchased all Finn, ENZ and CH CDÕs.


Hi Chris


I received your book on 13 Nov. 1998, (just in time for my b-day), and finished reading it on 16 November, I couldnÕt put it down. I have been an avid fan of Crowded House from the beginning and your book was so incredibly honest, true to the spirit of what Crowded House was and what the members still are. Neil Finn to me is such an amazing man and his writing has reached out to so many people in such a giving way; my favorite quote of the book was from Paul Hester in which he describes Neil as a ŅKnightÓ (I donÕt have the book with me at the moment, so I canÕt remember the exact quote) That really does put NeilÕs personality and ethics into a nutshell, he really does seem to want to do the right thing and cares about people. Another reason I appreciated your book was that you showed the whole picture, the good, the bad and the ugly, just like life truly is. What more can I say, it absorbed me, made me laugh, and gave me an insight into this wonderful band.


Thank you again for such an entertaining read






Dear Chris,


I wanted to tell you how much I loved your SSS book! Just amazing! I merged into Crowded House from Split Enz and being from L.A. (at the time) I was privey to many of the shows and gossip that went on over the years and I loved every moment of your book! it brought back so many wonderful memories and explained so much of what was happening.


Thank you again.




Dear Chris,


Read the book over Xmas – just couldnÕt put it down. Thanks for writing it. I will certainly be reading it again sometime.




Dear Chris,


I just wanted to say that I have read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I especially liked the anecdotes behind the lyrics as they add to my enjoyment of listening to the music but really the whole story was fascinating and well written.




Thank you once again for an incredible book it has had me captivated from chapter to chapter.


I am almost at the close of the book, just past the part when things have become unbearable for Mr. Hester.


Cheers and best wishes




dear chris, thanks very much for the book, itÕs excellent and iÕm enjoying it very much. all the books in england are poor on crowded house so it is a pleasant surprise.


all the best


dan cox, england