Live surprises


An appendix from Something So Strong.

© Chris Bourke, 1997


During their concerts, Crowded House often performed songs by their musical antecedants or peers – or just made them up on the spot. The following list is mostly taken from tape logs of live shows, which were only done regularly from 1989.


Cover versions: ‘Leaps and Bounds’, ‘Brady Bunch theme’, ‘Kingston Town’, ‘Irish Heartbeat’, ‘Little Sister’, ‘Anarchy in UK’, ‘Walk on the Wild Side’, ‘Age of Aquarius’, ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’, ‘Get Back’, ‘I’ve Got a Feeling’, ‘Born on the Bayou’, ‘It’s Only Natural’ (Ramones version), ‘I Should Be So Lucky’, ‘I’ve Been Everywhere’, ‘Rocky Raccoon’, ‘Blue Moon’, ‘The Mighty Quinn’, ‘One Fine Day’, ‘Don’t Be a Stranger’, ‘Roadhouse Blues’, ‘Pale Blue Eyes’, ‘Born to Be Wild’,’Seven Times Champion’, ‘Riders on the Storm’, ‘Sunny Afternoon’, ‘Play it Strange’, ‘The Nips are Getting Bigger’, ‘I Can See Clearly’, ‘Still in Love With You’, ‘Blue Suede Shoes’, ‘Frank’s Dark Past’, ‘Not Fade Away’, ‘Shark in the Water’, ‘Till We Kissed’,’Cry Baby Cry’, ‘Be My Guest’, ‘Forever Friends’, ‘You Sexy Thing’, ‘The Letter’ (with Sheryl Crow), ‘Louie Louie’, ‘Those Were the Days’, ‘Walk Tall’, ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’, ‘Spicks and Specks’, ‘Whaling’, ‘Hit the Road Jack’, ‘Love in a Fowl House’, ‘Road to Nowhere’, ‘Smoke on the Water’, ‘Wild Thing’.

Instant songs: ‘George With the Green Nose’, ‘Two Mistakes is One Idea’, ‘Seymour Clan’, ‘The Tennis Song’, ‘Make Your Preparations’, ‘Paris Song’ (by Mark), ‘Get a Little Washing Done’, ‘Chicken Song’, ‘Darts’, ‘Manchester International Airport’, ‘Peter Seller’s Girlfriend’, ‘Last August I Left Auckland’.

Unreleased songs by Neil: ‘I Love You Dawn’, ‘The Burglar Song’, ‘Lester’s Song’, ‘Time Immemorial’, ‘Tail of the Comet ‘, ‘Good Luck Morning’, ‘Convent Girls’, ‘Money’s No Object’.

Split Enz songs: ‘Message to My Girl’, ‘Hello Sandy Allen’, ‘Split Ends’, ‘Six Months in a Leaky Boat’, ‘I Got You’, ‘I Walk Away’, ‘History Never Repeats’, ‘Giant Heartbeat’, ‘Shark Attack’, ‘The Devil You Know’, ‘Sweet Dreams’, ‘One Step Ahead’, ‘Time for a Change’, ‘Hermitt McDermitt’, ‘Log Cabin Fever’, ‘Missing Person’, ‘Serge’, ‘Kia Kaha’.

Songs by Paul: ‘Worms’, ‘I’m Still Here’, ‘Signs’, ‘My Telly’s Gone Bung!’, ‘Six Feet Under, ‘Thank You Anne’, ‘Me on Drums’, ‘I’m Still Emotional’